The Dangers of Grease Fires in the Kitchen

Hood Cleaning in Central FloridaGrease fires are caused by grease that builds up around cooking appliances. Grease is one of the top causes of restaurant fires and related injuries. Preventing grease from building up in the first place is essential to ensuring the safe operation of any restaurant facility.

One of the best ways to prevent grease buildup is with comprehensive hood cleaning in Central Florida. Paying attention to these details in the kitchen today can prevent damage and injuries tomorrow.

Grease fires represent a distinct threat for several reasons. First, they are very difficult to put out compared to regular fires, requiring the use of special chemicals. Secondly, they spread quickly, leaving little time to react when dealing with them. Finally, they are one of the most common kinds of fires in commercial kitchens, so they are a threat that is always worth thinking about.

As with any type of fire, prevention is always the best approach. Avoiding grease buildup, properly storing grease, and disposing of grease correctly can help prevent a costly and potentially deadly fire from occurring. Ensure that you are aware of the threat that grease fires pose and that you know how to deal with them in the event one does occur.

How a Clean Kitchen Improves Employee Morale

Restaurant Cleaning in Central FloridaNo matter what industry you work in, a clean working environment makes all the difference. This factor is especially significant in the restaurant business, where cleanliness is of the utmost importance. In this field, the smallest details can make all the difference.

In addition to meeting the expectations of diners and following health codes, taking advantage of regular and thorough restaurant cleaning in Central Florida boosts employee morale. Taking care of both everyday cleanup and deep cleaning when necessary protects customer health and ensures employees love coming to work.

What does the ideal kitchen environment look like for restaurant employees? It probably is very similar to how we want our kitchens to look in our own homes. Gleaming surfaces, new appliances, clean floors, and sparkling counters are just a few of the images that come to mind.

When employees go to work in a kitchen that reflects cleanliness as a priority, they feel more invested in their environment. A high sanitary standard ensures that employees make cleaning a top focus. That detail-oriented mentality, in turn, extends to every aspect of your restaurant business. It all starts with a clean, great-looking kitchen.

Count on the team at Atlantic Steam Pressure Cleaning to assist you with your kitchen. Our business offers hood cleaning services, as well as a wide array of other options.

What Customers Notice First When They Enter Your Restaurant

The host, your décor, the atmosphere, the sounds, and of course, the wonderful smells of your food — these are the first things your patrons notice when they step inside your restaurant. To keep them coming back for more, everything has to be just right. While your food is the star of the show, the dining experience itself has to equal the quality of your cuisine.

Even if the food, staff, lighting, and decorations give your restaurant a unique character, there’s one crucial factor that will make or break the customer experience: cleanliness. Nothing detracts from a meal like filth or grime. Atlantic Steam Pressure Cleaning specializes in blasting away dirt from your restaurant’s sidewalk, deck, façade, and roof.

To stay up to code with the health inspector and prevent grease fires, it’s also vital that you keep your kitchen in pristine condition. Atlantic Steam Pressure Cleaning also offers a full range of commercial cleaning services, including for your restaurant hood in Central Florida.

When you keep your kitchen and dining area professionally clean, you can count on having satisfied customers. What’s more, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your restaurant is sanitary and better protected from the risk of fire.

The Benefits of Receiving a Quote for Hood Cleaning Services

Hood Cleaning in Central FloridaWhen you run a restaurant, the upkeep of the kitchen is one of your most important considerations. Besides ensuring sanitary conditions for food preparation, regular cleaning can help prevent disasters such as grease fires.

This is just as true for your hood as for your stovetops and prep stations. As part of your kitchen’s exhaust system, your hood will build-up grease and grime that need to be cleaned away. The professionals at Atlantic Steam Pressure Cleaning are happy to put together a quote on hood cleaning in Central Florida. Steam cleaning is a highly effective way to get rid of built-up grease.

Often, insurance companies and local health inspectors require restaurants to perform routine hood cleanings. By requesting a quote, you can know the cost ahead of time and factor that into the budget. That way, you are fully prepared for when it’s time to schedule service.

Keeping a clean hood is a crucial step in preventing grease fires. How often you clean it will depend on how large and busy your kitchen is, the requirements of your insurance company and local authorities, and other factors. If you have any questions, Atlantic Steam Pressure Cleaning will be happy to answer them.

Kitchen Hood Insurance Requirements

Restaurant Hood Cleaning in Orlando, FLIf you have a commercial kitchen, there is a very high probability that you have a kitchen hood. For many restaurateurs, your hood and duct system is probably one of the most essential systems in your entire restaurant. That means you are going to not only want restaurant hood cleaning in Orlando, FL, but also proper insurance coverage.

What makes your kitchen hood so important? This is the system designed to remove grease and hot air from your kitchen so that your kitchen is a safe and comfortable place to be to cook. Your system, however, isn’t always going to be able to remove all of the grease and hot air it sucks up. That means, without regular cleaning, you are looking at a very real fire risk.

Most insurance companies require that you receive restaurant hood cleaning on a regular basis to reduce the risk of any fire hazards. An inspector will usually tell you how often your specific system needs to be cleaned, though it is generally at least once every six months. Working with a trusted commercial cleaning company like Atlantic Steam Pressure Cleaning helps you keep your insurance by avoiding the potential issues that come from a clogged up hood.

Cleaning Services for Your Upscale Restaurant

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services in Orlando, FLAs an owner of an upscale restaurant, you know how important presentation is to the success of your business. From the food to the dining area to the kitchen itself, it is crucial for each and every aspect of your space to feel like a genuinely high-class treat for all of your patrons.

Your chefs are in the kitchen cooking up delicious meals. Your designers have created the perfect ambiance for your space. But what do you do when it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning services in Orlando, FL? The smart solution is to go online and start looking for a local cleaning company that specializes specifically in cleaning upscale restaurants. This ensures that the team you hire is able to clean every part of your kitchen to the exacting standards of you and your patrons.

The type of in-depth cleaning a restaurant or kitchen needs is typically more work than a simple night staff can perform when closing down for the evening. By working with professional cleaners, you are able to ensure that no spot is missed. By doing this, your restaurant is going to continue to be known for delivering luxurious experiences to all of your diners and guests.

What the Kitchen Hood Does

Restaurant Cleaning in Central FloridaYou may know it as the kitchen hood, the exhaust hood, or the range hood. No matter what you call it, it’s the fan that hangs over the stove or cooktop. You’ll find them in household kitchens and restaurants.

The primary function of the kitchen hood is to suck up airborne grease, fumes, steam, and more. This improves ventilation to make the kitchen a better environment. It also helps reduce the risk of a kitchen fire. Let’s take a closer look at the two main benefits of a kitchen hood: keeping the air clean and removing excess heat.

Cooking is a dirty process. Whenever you cook on a stovetop, all sorts of grease, fumes, carbon monoxide, and other particles go up into the air. Over time, they can stain the walls and promote bacteria and mold growth in the kitchen. Likewise, the grease may build up and become a serious fire hazard. With the kitchen hood’s fan removing these contaminants from the air, your kitchen stays cleaner and safer. Scheduling thorough restaurant cleaning in Central Florida also cuts down your fire risk.

Every cook knows how hot it can get in the kitchen. Running the kitchen hood helps keep the space cooler since it circulates the cooktop’s warm air out of the room. While it’s not as effective as an actual air conditioner, it does make a significant difference.

Superior Cleaning for Your Cafeteria Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services in Orlando, FLCafeterias are designed to serve as many people as possible as quickly as possible. With so much food coming out of the kitchen, it is especially important to ensure the kitchen is as clean and hygienic as possible. Do you have full confidence that your workers are cleaning every nook and cranny and always following industry standards?

Even if your staff is cleaning well each day, it is best to supplement this daily maintenance with routine deep cleaning. For example, our commercial kitchen cleaning services in Orlando, FL, utilize the power of pressure washing to clean some of the most difficult-to-clean features in your kitchen.

Pressure washing is one of the most effective ways to blast away grime, especially from places like your exhaust hood and grease containment systems. However, since pressure washing is so powerful, it must be done with care and an eye for detail to prevent damage from occurring. You can’t afford to let unnecessary damage slow down your cafeteria’s output.

Choose a team of professionals to pressure wash your cafeteria kitchen and ensure it is as clean as possible for serving your diners.  Combined with your own routine cleaning, our pressure washing services will ensure your facilities are always ready to pass a thorough inspection.

Three Things You Should Consider When Cleaning Your Kitchen

Restaurant Cleaning in Central FloridaA lot of hard work goes into keeping a kitchen clean. Don’t let that effort go to waste! Any time you start scrubbing, moping, or wiping down surfaces, it’s essential to keep an eye out for three often-overlooked issues that can grow into review-ruining problems if left unattended.

  • What’s Old and Where’s the Mold? – Cleaning out is as crucial for safety and sanitation as cleaning up. An easy way to keep mold and other contaminants from spoiling your fresh ingredients is to make inspecting and throwing out old food a part of your usual cleaning routine.
  • How’s the Weather? – Mold doesn’t just come from aging inventory. In Florida’s heat and humidity, moisture is one of the most frequently under-addressed challenges for local restaurants. Prevent hidden damage and decay by checking for mold and water in areas like windows, doorways, and outdoor coolers, as well as adjusting temperatures to compensate for the regional climate.
  • What Are You Working With? – Specific restaurants deal with different sanitation issues. If your staff frequently works with raw meats, you may need to pay special attention to cleaning procedures that effectively eliminate contamination from blood. If flambé is a regular technique, you’ll need to keep an eye out for smoke stains. Consider the unusual aspects and activities of your kitchen, and look up the best solutions for the safety and cleanliness concerns they create.

If you want to make sure you get a thorough cleaning, you can always turn to professionals in your area. They’ll take the hassle out of your hands and let your team focus on the cooking and service your customers deserve. Receive a quote for restaurant cleaning in Central Florida when you work with the team at Atlantic Steam Pressure Cleaning.

How Often Should You Have Your Restaurant Hood Cleaned?

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services in Orlando, FLCleanliness in the kitchen is a crucial factor when it comes to keeping customers happy and ensuring food safety. It takes much more than dedication to maintain the right standards for a successful restaurant. You need to know precisely how often to clean important parts of the kitchen so that you stay in the good graces of insurance companies, fire marshals, and consumers. Let’s take a look at one of the pieces of equipment that often gets overlooked–your hood exhaust system.

A necessary part of many regulations, cleaning your restaurant’s hood keeps grease and contaminants from congealing and creating potential disasters. It also extends the life of the hood itself, cutting down on expensive replacement costs and letting you make the most of your resources. Key facts to note about cleaning this valuable piece of equipment:

  • Different Restaurants Have Different Hood Cleaning Requirements
  • More Burning and Grease Equals More Frequent Cleaning
  • Some Insurance Companies Offer Rate Deductions for Regular Upkeep

So, about how often should you tend to your kitchen’s hood? It depends on what you cook. Hoods over non-grease appliances only need a thorough cleaning about once a year, while their pizza and oven counterparts should be scrubbed at least once every 180 days. The average restaurant or cafeteria needs hood cleaning at 90-day intervals, while working with wood, charcoal, and fast food cuts the number down to 30 days.

The team at Atlantic Steam Pressure Cleaning can help you with your hood. We provide commercial kitchen cleaning services in Orlando, FL.