What the Kitchen Hood Does

Restaurant Cleaning in Central FloridaYou may know it as the kitchen hood, the exhaust hood, or the range hood. No matter what you call it, it’s the fan that hangs over the stove or cooktop. You’ll find them in household kitchens and restaurants.

The primary function of the kitchen hood is to suck up airborne grease, fumes, steam, and more. This improves ventilation to make the kitchen a better environment. It also helps reduce the risk of a kitchen fire. Let’s take a closer look at the two main benefits of a kitchen hood: keeping the air clean and removing excess heat.

Cooking is a dirty process. Whenever you cook on a stovetop, all sorts of grease, fumes, carbon monoxide, and other particles go up into the air. Over time, they can stain the walls and promote bacteria and mold growth in the kitchen. Likewise, the grease may build up and become a serious fire hazard. With the kitchen hood’s fan removing these contaminants from the air, your kitchen stays cleaner and safer. Scheduling thorough restaurant cleaning in Central Florida also cuts down your fire risk.

Every cook knows how hot it can get in the kitchen. Running the kitchen hood helps keep the space cooler since it circulates the cooktop’s warm air out of the room. While it’s not as effective as an actual air conditioner, it does make a significant difference.