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Three Reasons to Keep Your Grill Clean

Restaurant Hood Cleaning in Orlando, FLGrills are an essential part of most commercial kitchens. If you are not keeping your grill clean at all times, you may be causing unnecessary problems for your business. We have put together a list of reasons why you should keep your grill clean at all times:

  • Put a Stop to Sanitation Issues – Cooking meat on a grill that has not been cleaning is very unsanitary. If you do not regularly clean your grill, it is unlikely that the meat will cook properly and you may accidentally serve an undercooked meal to your customers. No one wants to see a review on their Yelp page that says your kitchen serves undercooked meat.
  • Keep Your Kitchen Safe – When you do not clean your grill correctly, you run a risk of starting fires. Hardened fatty tissues often stick to grills and can cause grease fires. If your team is not paying attention, these fires can burn the meat on the grill, as well as spread to other parts of your kitchen.
  • Make Your Grill Grates Last – Keeping your grill grates clean at all times reduces the need for replacement grates and puts a stop from overheating, which may result in costly repairs.

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Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Kitchen

Restaurant Cleaning Services in Merritt Island, FL

Keeping your commercial kitchen clean at all times seems like a never-ending struggle. Here are a few tips to help you improve the cleanliness of your kitchen:

  • Sanitize Every Surface – Putting a stop to the spread of germs is vital in every kitchen, especially in commercial environments. It is essential that you always sanitize every surface after every use. It will improve the cleanliness of your workspace and put a stop to foodborne illnesses.
  • Clean Storage Areas Weekly – It does not matter how fast things move in your kitchen, you should be checking out your storage areas every week to ensure that they are clean. Make sure that someone on your staff goes into these storage areas to remove debris and ensure that nothing is being stored on the ground.
  • Have Assigned Tasks – Putting cleaning tasks in place for each team that works in your kitchen is a great way to keep things clean at all times. You should see what jobs are necessary and put together a list so that people know exactly what tasks they should be taking on every day.

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