Kitchen Hood Insurance Requirements

Restaurant Hood Cleaning in Orlando, FLIf you have a commercial kitchen, there is a very high probability that you have a kitchen hood. For many restaurateurs, your hood and duct system is probably one of the most essential systems in your entire restaurant. That means you are going to not only want restaurant hood cleaning in Orlando, FL, but also proper insurance coverage.

What makes your kitchen hood so important? This is the system designed to remove grease and hot air from your kitchen so that your kitchen is a safe and comfortable place to be to cook. Your system, however, isn’t always going to be able to remove all of the grease and hot air it sucks up. That means, without regular cleaning, you are looking at a very real fire risk.

Most insurance companies require that you receive restaurant hood cleaning on a regular basis to reduce the risk of any fire hazards. An inspector will usually tell you how often your specific system needs to be cleaned, though it is generally at least once every six months. Working with a trusted commercial cleaning company like Atlantic Steam Pressure Cleaning helps you keep your insurance by avoiding the potential issues that come from a clogged up hood.