The Importance of Cleaning Your Kitchen Hood

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services in Orlando, FLHave you been regularly cleaning the hood in your kitchen? Here are some benefits to keeping up with the process:

  • Required by Insurance and Local Government – Did you know you can get in trouble if you do not stay up to date with hood cleaning? You may get a fine from local inspectors or lose your insurance coverage. Additionally, you may have to deal with increased insurance premiums.
  • Improve Air Quality – When your fire hood is dirty, it is less efficient at catching smoke, grease, and other grime. This allows potentially dangerous particles can escape into the air. It also lowers the air quality in your restaurant, which can cause harm to your staff, as well as your customers.
  • Keep Your Employees Safe – Your vent hood is there to trap grease and smoke. When it gets dirty, a layer of oil will start to develop. If the heat gets too hot, the grease could catch fire. As you know, grease fires are very dangerous. Put a stop to any potential grease fires by cleaning your hood regularly.

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